Broadcast Wellness

How to become THE expert in your field! Your future patients are listening!

Broadcasting Wellness Into Your Community Is Easier Than You Think!

You may think it is difficult to reach out to your community with a message of wellness and prosperity, but it’s really just a matter of finding the right channel. Truthfully, your future patients and clients are listening. You just need to know how to connect. Enter, Broadcast Wellness!


Build a Wellness- Based Practice on 5 Major Channels and 1 Message! Get Your Future Patients Plugged In and Listening!

The channels are out there. You just need to do two things: get on them, and send the message. This is not an oversimplification. The only “complication” is in the message. Positioning yourself as an expert on these channels is the key. This is what Broadcast Wellness is all about.

The 5 Channels of the BW Program Are:

Podcast Production and Broadcast Opportunities
Books, Blogs and Articles
Newsletters and Promotional Mailings
Screenings, Expos and Talks
Promotional and Public Relations Media