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Don’t Just Heal. ADVOCATE and Broadcast Wellness… Mic Drop!

Continue the conversation with everyone you meet!

  • NO MORE ‘first date’ sales pitches!
  • NO MORE trying to make a big sale in your first interaction!
  • NO MORE stalking leads to offer what they already REFUSED!

Broadcasting Wellness means making tons more “first-contacts”, positioning yourself as an expert, continuing the conversation beyond first-contact and boosting your reputation. Did I mention new patients conversions?

Advocate and Broadcast Like a Big Shot and CONVERT Your Followers!

BroadcastWellness media and network not only makes it possible to have a platform on which to spread the word about your expertise, not only builds an audience or following, but keeps you in regular contact with FOLLOWERS via email, broadcast and social interaction, all while building credibility in the process, making all increasingly more likely to sign on.

What does a growing audience who hang on your every word mean to you?

This is what you call a “loaded question” but, in short, it’s a chance to get yourself those repeated contacts, without offering or sales-pitching over and over, especially, if someone showed disinterest or refused you in the first place.

The path to getting the wellness-based practice you always wanted!

The channels are out there. You just need to do two things: get on them, and broadcast your message. Positioning yourself as an expert on these channels is the key. This is what the Broadcast Wellness program and platform is all about.

The 5 major platforms are:

Podcast Production and Broadcast Opportunities
Books, Blogs and Articles
Newsletters and Promotional Mailings
Screenings, Expos and Talks
Promotional and Public Relations Media

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