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Advocating Wellness On all Broadcast Channels…

Control of Wellness Is the Ultimate Mic Drop!

  • Life has a natural POSTURE and RHYTHM
  • Posture requires structural, intellectual and rhythmic BALANCE
  • IMBALANCE is the only barrier to well-being or prosperity!

In the mid-1990’ss I didn’t think I would see age 30. A Chiropractor saved my life, not just with therapy, but by showing me INNATE INTELLIGENCE. Getting control of my health changed everything including my career as an artist and advocate. And I jumped out of a plane on my 30th birthday!

Did you know you control your own health?

I sure didn’t know this. And it led me to poor health and a limited future, that is until I found Chiropractic, not as a therapy, but as an answer-finding tool, 90% of what it is and does. This changed everything and opened the door to my abilities as a performer, a writer, speaker and advocate. It’s helped me to inspire thousands to make changes for the better!

Paying It Forward by Broadcasting Wellness!

There is a natural inclination to promote what changes one for the better. Music has always been this for me. It is what drives me on stage and in the studio, fuels every broadcast I originate, my writing, speaking, everything. And when my health not only got restored but got put under my control and determination, I followed no different of a path. I became an advocate.

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