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Why Podcasting? It’s ‘Forever Radio’!

Do a radio interview and it is gone forever after. A podcast interview is there forever.

It seems oversimplified, but it’s really no more complicated than that. Podcasting packs power, way more than the megawatts of radio waves to thousands of listeners in that it endures time, whereas radio fades instantly. Radio blasts its content out, second-by-second, and dissipates just as rapidly, fading into the ether, hopefully, but not-likely, making a lasting impression in the minds of listeners who are distracted by many more messages. With a library of recorded episodes, podcast-style broadcasting endures forever and is available for repeated listening, even in one sitting. In fact, it could be said that the distinguishing difference in power between radio and podcasting is a singular simplicity: Podcasting gives you control.

What if you could control radio and its listeners?

Let’s be real. We’re not talking about creating zombies. Control doesn’t have to be all evil-dictator-like in nature. Chiropractors, nurses, coaches, teachers, all of them, control, to a degree, their students, patients and teams to their betterment. Such is the help and advice you give in your content in your coaching, blogging, vlogging or podcasting. You control your clientele to their betterment. Having a radio show, or being interviewed on radio is of limited scope. Listeners must tune in at the exact time and for the exact duration for your to create an effect, and even then there is no rewind, pause or replay. Podcasting gives you the power to let your listers tune in when they wish, stop, start, pause, rewind and replay as they choose, and re-listen as much or often as they prefer. This is the ultimate in audience control, but in a way that is well-received and used by audiences.

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