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Pop-Up Online Patient Webinars

All of my pop-up webinars are only $99, on-time fee, for unlimited attendees! That’s right, pay $99 for each webinar, but invite as many patients and prospects you want!

How to Talk to Others About Chiropractic

Join Frank for a webinar for PATIENTS ONLY, current and former. Your patients have tried to refer. Some successfully but most have failed.

Reason? They have tried, but people balked. We spend years getting trained on how to handle that and some of us professionals never quite get the hang of advocating Chiropractic in such a way as to convince people to show up for that Day 1.

Imagine the plight of your patients trying to do the same.

Now I am taking my 25 years of experience AS A PATIENT who has referred thousands successfully to Chiropractors and using it to teach your patients to do the same. This isn’t a pep talk or a begging for them to do it. It’s bona fide tech on how you get people interested enough to SHOW up for a DAY 1, INTERESTED in an ROF and RECOMMENDATIONS!

For the small fee of $99, you can invite as many patients as you desire to attend. That’s right, for a 1-time fee of $99, you can have an unlimited number of patients attend. The more, merrier! Take advantage now. Sign up here for $99!

How to Talk to People About Chiropractic Patient Webinar | $99

or, if you are enrolling on multiple webinars, click “Add to Cart” below

How to Make Your Desk Work for You!

Excerpted from one of my most popular corporate talks, I will ties this subject back to posture and imbalance and raise the attendees’ self-awareness and interest.

I will show them how their assignment of cause to their workstation is actually misguided and what the real source of such difficulties is. Teaching them about body function and posture as an INDEX of how BALANCED they are, I gradually work them toward being interested in a REPORT OF FINDINGS and RECOMMENDATIONS.

Invite all the patient prospects and leads you can come up with, whether you met them on Facebook or in the Mall, especially your patients’ friends and family too! no matter, invite all you want… you’ll only pay $99! That’s it, $99 allows entry for unlimited patient prospects!

Patient Prospects – Make Your Desk For You Webinar | $99

or, if you are enrolling on multiple webinars, click “Add to Cart” below

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