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Frank Sardella, Broadcasting Inspiration…

My mission is to expand the wellness mindset
worldwide by broadcasting wellness…

I am a Chiropractic and Wellness advocate, podcaster, producer, author, performer, recording artist and ass-kicker. I grew up obsessed with radio, voiceovers and even advertising (as young as age 7).

At age 27, I hit the skids health-wise with no solution in sight. Someone saved me. It was a Chiropractor. No, it wasn’t the treatment I received that really, truly saved me. It was the mindset and the understanding of how you control your own health and well-being. And it was a game-changer.

BroadcastWellness was an inevitable eventuality.

The Broadcast Wellness Mission

Using the natural inclination people have to spread the word about profound, life-improving experiences, I have set out to use my talents as an artist (performing and recording musician, writer, artist, songwriter, speaker, author instructor) to get others to reach equivalent levels of inspiration, realization and positive change, thereby creating a tidal wave of well-being and happiness worldwide. It is my true purpose in life.

BroadcastWellness in the inevitable product of my journey of self-discovery and mastery of the innate intelligence we all possess and the core fundamentals that enable us to achieve maximum performance in a life of our own design, motivation and determination.

How I Broadcast…

Vis podcasting, video, social media, keynotes, seminars, writing and public performances, I get on every channel possible to dynamically drive inspiration in others through whatever means is available.

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