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BroadcastWellness Purpose: Continue the Conversation!

My mission is to expand the wellness mindset
worldwide by helping practice broadcast…

I am a Chiropractic and Wellness advocate, podcaster, producer, author, performer, recording artist and marketing specialist. I grew up obsessed with radio, voiceovers and even advertising (as young as age 7). BroadcastWellness was an inevitable eventuality.

My obsession gave me an ear for format and a knack for editing perfection.

format and editing, making things sound perfect, even when they’re not, and working with what I have in recorded format to assemble it into a brilliant story. My superpower is extracting your passion, no matter how you communicate it and assembling it into a brilliant, aesthetic masterpiece that really penetrates and rises above the noise to get through to your audience. They are listening. You just need to know how to talk to them. Even if you can’t inherently, I can bring it out of you and get it across!

The Broadcast Wellness Mission

Chiropractic, wellness practice and business owners, and their associates, who are inspired to and are actively expanding their practices and businesses with newly-gained abilities and systems developed or recommended me, my associates, partners, guests and affiliates, whose new-found, logical mindsets and enthusiasm allow them to effectively and broadly communicate to community patient/client prospects, giving those prospects a full conceptual understanding of wellness, body function and its true and proper care, while inspiring them to take recommended actions, working toward creating an abndance of lifetime, referring patients, who also see and take their part in the larger picture of creating a wellness-based world through their own wellness-based practices and, are referring others actively, recommending emphatically that they use Broadcast Wellness media resources to do same, even outside their closest circles of colleagues, associates and friends.

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