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Podcasting to Create a Quality Sales Conversation and Build Trust

Now you can not only build a following, but stay in contact with them without having to pitch or sell them, and boom your reputation and respect in the process.

I have created BroadcastWellness not only to make it possible to have a platform on which to spread the word about your expertise, not only build an audience or following but to stay in regular touch with them, all while building credibility in the process. What does this mean to you? It’s a chance to get yourself those repeated contacts, without offering or pitching over and over, especially, if someone showed disinterest or refused you in the first place.

How many contacts does it take to make a sale?

I once heard that it takes eight contacts (on average) to make a sale. From the same source, I heard that the average salesperson gives up after a mere two contacts. I had no way of verifying the accuracy of these statistics, yet form my own experience, it proves out to be true enough by my own observation and experience. But, what do we mean by “contact” in this case? Based on monitoring of hundreds of clients’ contact habits I made a very interesting distinction…

When you contact someone 8 times, what type of contact should it be?

Here is where the rubber meets the road, to be colloquial. Many clients over the years have levelled the argument outright that they are making way more than eight contacts to prospects, to no avail.

This is where the quality of contact becomes important. While it is always a numbers game, efficiency eventually and inevitably becomes a factor. Only so much quantity can be achieved before you need to increase the ratio of closes to promotional effort spent and funded. What clients were calling “contacts” were essentially phone calls or mailings, repeatedly offering the same item or pitch which didn’t fly in the first place. In other words, they made a pitch or offer, if prematurely, and were turned down, only to repeatedly offer the same thing in follow-up contacts via phone, email, DM, etc.

Are you following up or stalking prospects?

There is truly a fine line between stalking and following up. But it is pretty clear-cut and your instincts are probably correct: if you feel like you’re stalking, you probably are.

The issue sums up in the observations I previously mentioned, ones which I made in my own clients’ follow-up habits. When you make repeated contact for the same thing, especially when it is for a sales pitch, it’s stalking, plain and simple. Put yourself in the prospect’s shoes. If you feel like “Hey, I told you NO the first time!” then it’s stalking. If they turned you down once, why would you think asking them the same thing again with no further interven ing communication will change their mind?

Podcasting and other broadcast media are the best, repeated contact

Simply stated, podcasting, as well as blogging, “vlogging” (video blogging) and the like, are kingpin efforts because you are providing desireable (hopefully) content, building credibility and raising awareness in prospective patients, clients, members, customers, etc. And, aiming correctly, you’ll raise awareness toward a state of interest in what you can do for them, without any direct suggestion from you.

You are essentially priming them to say “yes” instead of turning you down!

Continue the conversation and you will have a lifetime, loyal follower…

The main point is that business and practice owners tend to try and make every first interaction count. This is the foremost “Sales 101” faux pas there is. The object of the first meeting with anyone is not, first and foremost, to make a sale, but to establish a longer-term connection, one which sets up at least the next interaction, if not multiple. In doing so, you are extending your ability to communicate on the long term. What better way to do this than to offer a platform or service where, without risk, they can stay in contact, receive advice, and absorb and apply it at a speed they can handle, and work their way up to where someone needs to be to see the light and pull the trigger on whatever the next step is?

As you have probably figured out, you don’t have to be a podcaster to apply this gem. But if you want an ongoing conversation, ad inifinitum, which keeps a connection and builds credibility and trust, broadcasting via podcast is a simple, easy way to make a huge connection, and get referrals in the process too! Build your audience and build your business. You can even use it to educate and maintain existing client relationships and creaste future sales, business, loyalty and referrals too!

Yes, it is a bit of work, but that is why I created the BroadcastWellness production facility and new podcast network. Patients, clients, customers or members are listening. BW Production Network is there to produce it for you so you can create and connect. The rest is up to you.

Contact BroadcastWellness for details on how to have me create and produce your show!

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