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Start-up Novice Podcaster Kickstart

KICKSTART: 12 Episodes | $289/month for 12 months

If you know what you want to do with your podcast and want to grow your audience quickly to start leveraging the many benefits for your existing business or start-up, this package is not for you. This is designed for the extreme novice who only wants to start a podcast as their primary function or who needs to learn the ropes, start and see where it goes, deciding on a direction as we go and as the elements of direction become clear.

This package is for people who do not yet have the motif for their podcast figured out and who want to try podcasting to see where it goes. This amounts to 1 episode per month published. It includes most of the benefits of the Podcast Startup 20+ package but is aimed at taking a longer time to build your audience. The best value is still the Podcast Startup 20+ package.

With this package, you get:


Collaboration on Show Branding, Name, etc. – We give your show a name and identity including a tagline that describes your show in one sentence to attract listeners.

Show Icon and Tile Designed and Published – This is the “album cover” to your show which will appear in iTunes, on other podcasting platforms, in your promotion, social media, websites, etc. You get a custom design to make your show stand out and let people judge your “book by its cover” positively.

Fully-Written and Produced Opening and Closing Credits with Professional Voiceovers by Pro Artists and Custom Theme Song – This is your chance to shine and where the magic starts to happen. I will write you a custom theme song, compose copy for introduction and closing credits and get professional artists to record. You may also purchase a 3rd-party-licensed theme for a separate fee.

10 Fully-Edited and Published 20-30 Min Episodes with Guests – You get to record 20, fully- edited and produced episodes. This is where I really shine. My editing and compilation skills allow me to make you and your guests sound ultra professional. Mistakes, mishaps and extraneous noises and content are edited seamlessly and you’re left with compelling, interesting content. 20 episodes will give you enough content that your listeners will not run out of material to listen to while you build your library. Episodes are suggested to be posted weekly but can be at virtually any interval you choose. Listeners will be compelled by your content and recognize your credibility.


Format Coaching and Cheat Sheet – you will be receiving advice, coaching and “cheat sheets” on how to outline your episode, provide great content and really bring the best and most interesting aspects out of your guests. All you have to do is a brief outline, and then you and your guest show up to our online studio for a Skype audio call and record the interview. I work all the magic, the technical and complicated aspects, while you sit back and reap the benefits, all while sounding awesome in the process.

Using the Podcast to Your Advantage – this is the coaching you need to live and breathe (and have your staff and patients live and breathe) your podcast content and get it broadly distributed. Part of the awesomeness in podcasting is that it is like controlled radio which never disappears.


WordPress Blog-Style Podcast Website – This is a custom website I build for you to house all the info about your podcast show, blog articles you wish to feature have subscriber and social media information, and episode pages, one for each episode which feature episode info, guest data, pictures, backlinks to resources and guest info discussed in the episode, etc. They even feature an episode player which allows visitors to listen to that specific episode, whether they are a subscriber or not. This also enables you to share your episodes using links for situational use where you can direct a patient or prospect to listen to specific content based on an interest, an ailment or conversation you had. This site is a full-blown website, regularly a $995, but is included in this 20+ Jumpstart at no additional charge.

Your Domain for the Podcast Website – This is your web address for the site It is picked based on the name of the show and is usually something like “” This domain is purchased, separately, by you and usually runs on average about $15 per year.

Hosting Your Podcast Website | $10/Month (Free with Podcast Startup 20+* – *Hosting of podcast website included while a Broadcast Wellness client and is, otherwise, $10/mo. This means that as long as I am your producer, you host for free and save $120 per year to boot!

YouTube Conversion and Integration – All episodes converted to YouTube format for your channel optimized with descriptions and links. These are audio podcast episodes so your show icon is shown as a still frame in the YouTube video while the audio plays. Listeners can subscribe here in addition to any computer or smartphone or device.

iTunes Approval Submission Process – This is the crucial part of your credibility. One the show is designed and episode 1 is recorded, edited and produced, I take care of the submission to iTunes for approval. This gets you listed on iTunes but also makes your podcast available broadly in a variety of listening platforms including on Windows and Android devices.

Recordings Storage Site Maintenance – Episodes are published to podcast host platform site. This is just where your recorded episodes live on the internet and from where they are downloaded and played when people tune in. It is just a storage facility and is used by me to bring everything together. Podcast storage hosting charges are a separate fee however, they’re free until storage threshold crossed, with the next level of storage costing only $4.99 per month.

Promotional Audience Leveraging and Social Media Coaching – You will learn how to promote best using your website, YouTube channel, word of mouth and all your social media, including training of your staff on how to get patients to subscribe, suggestions on how to promote it on your office website, etc. You Podcast WordPress site will be backlinked to your main website too. You will learn how to leverage audiences by getting the attention of others who have large audiences and even interviewing guests who will promote their episode interview and your show too! This includes assistance in integrating your promotion into emailings to clients and even discounted help available to get it done.

Constant Contact Integration – I have a direct partnership with Constant Contact, should you wish to do mailings and either don’t do them or lack a platform on which to do them. I am able to get deep discounts from Constant Contact as well as low monthly rates on storage of mailing lists and email mailings themselves and also have ghostwriting services available to design, compile, write copy and send emails to your lists to promote the shows and even articles of interest we can post on your podcast site and include in the mailings. This is subject to additional fees but is discounted accordingly for being a Podcast Start-Up 20+ member.

Podcast Episode Package Deals – Once you have your first 20 complete, you are ready to build it from there with more content, more guests and more blockbuster episodes. As a Podcast Start-Up 20+ partner, and with me as your continuing producer, you will be eligible for deep discounts on episode packages with even lower per episode rates and even periodic rock-bottom deals, including an annual Black Friday drive.

All you need to do is show up for the recordings. Everything else, from editing to posting is done for you. It’s your show and you can focus on being the talent. Let your producer do the rest.

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