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The Wellness Broadcast Supporters’ Page

VIDEO #1 | Webinar | How I am Going to Screen Everyone In Your Area for FREE!!

“I’m advocating chiropractic as a mindset; a way of life!” – Frank Sardella

This video is part kickstart, part webinar, part global movement and ALL local advocacy and a push of patient to your front door, using my spot-on process for free!

PODCAST TRAILER | 5 Min | The Show That’s Getting You Day 1 Vistors

Here is the show’s trailer. Check it out!

Visit the Wellness Broadcast website here

VIDEO #2 (short) | Tier 2 Support | Podcast Episodes and Content Emailings

$19.95 1st month

($29.95/mo introductory pricing for minimum 1 year after)
Start a Trial Month Now for $19.95

What You Get

My way of contacting the public gets those really in need of what you do to set up a Day-1 visit with you and gets them to do 3 things:
– Show up
– Know why they are coming
– Are interested in the result of the visit

Get my custom content with the link to the podcast episode of the week in a weekly email to any size list. Don’t have a mailing list service? I have one of those too, discounted and cost-effective, all at pricing that’s a no-brainer in practice marketing!
– Minimum 1 emailing weekly
– Premium content promoting current week’s episode
– Just “push the button” ease of sending

email me for more info
or follow, then DM me on Instagram: @thewellnessbroadcast

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